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0.02 USD

Token Price

To avoid phishing and scamming please check the website URL always KYC need for 850,000 BOD (10,000$) tokens and upper orders. Token issue and withdrawal after soft-cap reach

What is BOD Coin?

Enable a unified payout system, a shared content pool, and a shared user pool.
Box Payout
A fast and secure blockchain to carry out multi-party contingent payments.
BOX Passport
A blockchain-based identity and attribution service across multiple applications.
BOX Unpack
A turn-key solution for small and medium-sized partners to set up a content platform easily and quickly.
Box of data


Award-winning global podcast platform with over 50 million audio content in 135 countries and 70 languages, listened by more than over 17 million users. Castbox’s proprietary technology includes features like curated podcast recommendations and in -audio deep search to customize the listening experience.

17 Million






google rank

3 RD


Tokensale Stages

Pre-Sale Phase #1
Oct 20, 2018

1 BOD = 0.012 USD

up to 40% bonus

75,000,000 BOD

(up to $0.75 million)

Pre-Sale Phase #2
Oct 31, 2018

1 BOD = 0.014 BOD

up to 30% bonus

75,000,000 BOD

(up to $0.97 million)

Nov 10, 2018

1 BOD = 0.017 USD

up to 15% bonus

We may issue up to 300 million tokens, and probably we will issue less (current estimation is about 200 million BOD tokens, depending on market price).

Token Structure

Cost of 1 token BOD: 0.02 USD
Term of token sale: 37 days with the possibility of an automatic early completion in pursuing the final goals of ICO (Pre-sales+Crowdsale)
Expanded goals after start of ICO: Impossible
Technical limitation of tokens: 650,000,000
Adjustable emission: All unsold and unallocated tokens will bе destroyed and additional release оf tokens will not be possible
Secured ways to purchase tokens: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), NEO , LTC ,BCH
Softcap: $2,000,000
Hardcap: $7,000,000
Distributed to Community
Reserved Funding
Founders and Team
«Bounty» campaign

Soft-cap Budget Allocation

  • 27% Product Development

    Product development according to the roadmap.

  • 39% Marketing, sales, merchant acquisition & partnerships

    Expenses for attracting the retailers to the platform, making partnerships with payment providers, website builders, loyalty programs services providers and other partners.

  • 12% Operations

    Operational costs, non-tech staff salaries.

  • 6% Legal

    Company and subsidiaries establishment, contracts with the retailers, development of legal opinions about the entire stack of BitRewards services and retailers’ operations, etc.

  • 16% Management

    C-level executives salaries.


Jan 2017
Castbox for iOS launched
Oct 2018
BOD Token Pre-sale
Dec 2018
BOD Token integrated into Castbox app
Sep 2019
The Launch of BOD Payout Mainnet
Oct 2017
Deep in-audio search feature launched
Nov 2018
BOD Token Crowdsale
Feb 2019
Testnet of BOD Payout online

Box Of Data How Works?

The digital media industry was originally built on principles of inclusivity, but that it has also become too top heavy to support independent publishers and creators. In addition, most advertising revenue winds up in the hands of major studios instead of the creators, where it belongs.
The blockchain can solve this problem by removing middlemen and high transaction fees, while also introducing new streams of revenue like activity-based income (i.e. creators are paid when someone listens to their content) and subscriptions.
With the introduction of BoxOfData Wallet, Castbox will become the first among global mainstream digital content apps to embrace native cryptocurrency within the app. Compared with standalone cryptocurrency apps, such as Coinbase or Jaxx, BoxWallet will link cryptocurrency with more traditional non-crypto users who may not have heard of Bitcoin or blockchain before.

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