Bitcoin Exchange Unocoin To Repay Users After Account Thefts

29 Oct 2018.

After arrests of Unocoin founders, India's crypto scene in turmoil.

Harish and Viswanath's Unocoin exchange hit on the idea of using an ATM-like.

Tracing bitcoin users is difficult, unlike with regular bank accounts where KYC.

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26 Jun 2018.

If it failed to re-possess the bitcoin, the exchange operator revealed it would refund 10% of the stolen account balance in bitcoin and the.

24 Aug 2017.

Bitcoin Exchange Unocoin to Repay Users After Account Thefts – CoinDesk. and many more such theft and hacking incidents.

7 Aug 2017.

Users of Unocoin reported that their funds had been stolen over the weekend, prompting the India-based bitcoin exchange to temporarily close.

6 Jun 2017.

His Bitcoin (BTC) account on Unocoin, a trading exchange for the virtual currency ,

“The thing with Bitcoin is that the users behind the transactions are.

But, Unocoin had sent a mail after the password reset happened with the date,

A large Bitcoin theft occurred in August last year, when hackers broke.

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