Count Down Of Ethereum Metropolis Hard Fork

The hard-fork is highly awaited, ever since the Ethereum road map for 2017 was released earlier this year. The plan had indicated that the coming release would contain some major upgrades for the platform. With the developers calling Metropolis the next milestone release for the Ethereum Platform, people active in the ETH world are anxiously anticipating the activation of this hard fork.

Metropolis is a 2 part (part 1: Byzantium, part 2: Constantinople) milestone hard fork that upgrades Ethereum. Visit here for the EIPs involved. Is there an easier explanation of the upgrades? Visit here for a video explanation or here for a short explanation. Do I need to upgrade my wallet?

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Ethereum Announces the Metropolis Hard Fork. Editorial Team on August 27, 2017. It seems as if Ethereum has fallen out of the limelight quite recently with the recent news about the fork in Bitcoin and the creation of Bitcoin cash. Yet, the Ethereum development team has been hard at work developing updates to the Ethereum network. One of these is the Metropolis that is.

29/08/2017  · Обзор о предстоящем HARD FORK ETHEREUM. плюсы, минусы и перспективы. официальный сайт —

15/10/2017  · The most ideal approach to watch this is on the Ethereum Foundation’s website, which will demonstrate what percentage of Ethereum miners that have moved over to the recently upgraded blockchain when the fork happens. Fork Countdown. Adding uncertainty to hard forks is their dependence on block numbers as a way to signal upgrades. Basically.

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